To believe in ourselves, we must first believe in God’s everlasting love and be confident with our own personal identity and gifts. Nick works to strengthen this relationship, no matter what religion you identify with, knowing that spiritual well-being is an essential part of a happy and fulfilling life.



Weddings: With more than 100 local and destination weddings officiated, Nick helps couples create a strong, lasting foundation for their relationship. Together, couples take part in three counseling sessions and also assist in creating their individual love story through their personalized ceremony.

Funerals: Nick works closely with family and friends to create a ceremony that celebrates the life of their loved one and honors their memory.

Community gatherings: Through community service, Nick leads individuals to make lasting impacts outside of the walls of any church.

Churches as a substitute pastor: When ministries are in need, Nick is able to step in and continue to grow and empower any congregation.



  • Identity: God is love, and we must all come together through our identity in Christ.

  • Empowerment: Faith is an all-important tool in the challenges we face every day and empowers us to choose love over violence, hate and fear.

  • Vision: Rediscover who you are called to be and start believing in yourself again.